IABC Waterloo 2019-2020 Board of Directors - Positions Available

Interested in joining the IABC Waterloo Board of Directors? We’d love to have you! Below are the descriptions for all positions available for the 2019-20 Board. We meet once a month from September-June and have one or two Board socials throughout the year. All Board members must be IABC members in good standing. We have fun, but we work hard, so we want strategic thinkers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, just fill out our application form. Have questions before you apply? Feel free to contact us at presidents@iabcwaterloo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

The deadline to apply is May 3, 2019.

Membership Director

You’re a people person. You know the value of a good handshake and a friendly smile. You will be the Board’s direct connection to our members. Your three main goals are:

  • Making new members feel welcome

  • Knowing what our current members’ wants and needs

  • Attracting new members

How you accomplish those three things is up to you. We have lots of ideas we’ve used in the past, but we’re hoping you’ll have some new ones too. Some of the things you’ll always do: connect with members via email when the join, renew or lapse their membership; get to know members at our events; and represent our members at the Board table. At the end of the Board year, you’ll lead the execution of the membership.

Professional Development Director (1 open)

When some people think of event planning, they think about the Party Planning Committee from The Office. When you think of events, you think about meeting new people, learning new skills and all of the logistics. We’re looking for a fantastic team of Professional Development Directors to lead our PD program for the year. Using member survey data and one-on-one feedback, you’ll bring engaging events to life that bring value to our members. Everything from speakers to venue and food to promotion will fall under your purview. We usually hosts five events throughout the year, so it’s demanding, but your event planning portfolio will thank you in the end.

*Note: this portfolio does not include the Break Through Communications Conference.  

Digital Communications Director

You are passionate about communications and providing people with all the information they need in the most consumable way. Our Digital Communications Director is in charge of our online look and feel, and you have an eye for that type of thing. Our website and newsletters are in your hands; you will be the webmaster and the newsletter editor. Every Director has access to post on our website, but sometimes they might need a little push from you when content is needed. You’ll work closely with the Director of Social Media to make sure all our promo has a cohesive feel across the different mediums.

Social Media Director

You’re a social media junkie. Maybe social media is part of your job, or maybe it’s something you’d like to be part of your job and want a little practice. Maybe you live your life in 280 characters or maybe you let gifs do the talking. Our Social Media Director promotes everything from chapter events to international webinars via our social channels, engaging members and non-members to keep them up-to-date on what we have planned. Live social chatter for all of our events is pretty essential. You’ll work closely with the Digital Communications Director to make sure all our online messaging is cohesive. You’ll know all our metrics and will be responsible for setting up the content calendar by pulling content from other portfolios, International and anywhere else you find info our members might want to know.

Community Relations Director

As our connection to the community-at-large, our Community Relations Director is responsible for providing members with value in the areas of partnership and sponsorship. You will nurture our existing partner relationships and make sure we are fulfilling our commitments to those partners by working with other portfolios (social, comms, etc). We currently have a few partnerships in place, but are always looking for new ways to bring value to our members by teaming up with local organizations. We’re hoping you have some good ideas for some new partnerships so we can add more member discount options this year. You’ll also take care of sponsorships for our annual Break Through conference by working with our Conference Director.

Conference Director

You’ve heard of our Break Through Communications Conference and now you want to try your hand at planning it. It would be great if you’ve attended the conference before, but it’s not mandatory. With support from our VP, the Conference Director takes the lead on this event. As our premiere event of the year, we start planning this one early so your work begins with picking a venue in the summer. You’ll take care of every detail from schedule and food to speakers and sponsors with other members of the Board available for support. We are looking for someone with some fresh new ideas for #BT2020. Previous event planning experience would be great but isn’t necessary.

Executive Administrator

Every good team has someone who keeps them in order. That’s you. We need someone to organize our monthly meetings, manage the website job board and when things get hectic, we might need you to step in and help with other portfolios. You’ll get to experience a little of everything this year. This position is ideal for a student or recent graduate new to the field and looking for some board experience. With everything you’ll learn this year, you’ll be ready to take on a portfolio of your own next year.